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Tank Gauging:

  • Alliance Tank Hazard Alert (Click Here)
  • May 12, 2016 - Tank Gauging Emerging Issues Focus Group Meeting (Click here)
  • Hydrocarbon Exposures During Tank Gauging and Sampling Operations (Click for PDF)
    • Presentation Overview: There has been recent concern about sudden exposures to high concentrations of volatile hydrocarbons and other atmospheric hazards associated with Bakken crude oil production and processing.  The exposures have led to serious health effects including death. This presentation describes OSHA's evaluation of worker exposures to these hazards during tank gauging operations associated with oil and gas extraction flowback and production operations.   Todd Jordan, OSHA     
  • New Alliance Tank Hazard Alert (Click for PDF)
  • New Alliance Tank Hazard Alert - Workers & Employers (Click Here for PDF)
  • Tank Gauging for Reference (Click for PDF) (Click for Ppt)
  • Tank Gauging Hazard Alert for Reference (Click for PDF) (Click for Word)


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